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So, it seems that you want to spend some time reading what I have to say. Well, thank you and welcome! It’s my hope that each time you read something it inspires you, makes you question your beliefs, challenges you, teaches you something and hopefully gives you a few chuckles along the way. I am not a ‘writer’, but I do love to teach and this a fantastic forum for that, I will talk about what I know and sometimes challenge conventional thinking on a variety of subjects but I will never be intentionally disrespectful. Having said that though, I might ruffle the odd feather sometimes… Thanks for listening.

The Mindful Touch

What do I actually mean when I say “Mindful Touch”? The mindful touch, is it fluffy and light, or is it referring to an informed

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What is Sports Massage?

To be fair I am not sure anyone in the UK can answer this one fully.  Understanding exactly what sports massage is, is extremely confusing

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The Birth of TSTR

As a tool I love Soft Tissue Release (STR) but I find the application difficult at times, especially when I stick to the rules. However,

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The Missing Marathon

The London Marathon was due to take place Sunday 26th April 2020. A highlight in the calendar for runners, record-breakers and fancy-dress enthusiasts. And of

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Biomechanics: Movement

The latest blog in this body mechanics series focuses on movement. The goal in massage is for us as therapists to be able to apply

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Biomechanics: Alignment

This is the third blog in my Body Mechanic Series. In the first two we discussed correct couch height and looked at the basic working

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Biomechanics: Posture

This is the second blog in my body mechanics series. I decided to write this series because good body mechanics is the foundation of all

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Biomechanics: Bed Height

In order to work as a successful massage therapist, we need to make sure we have the best foundations possible. This series on body mechanics

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Knot Correct?

The phrase “muscle knot” is widely used. Most people understand what it is to have one, but recently I’ve noticed some misinformation flying about, and

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Cancer, Exercise and Massage

Historically, massage has mistakenly been viewed as a contradiction for individuals who are currently undergoing treatment for, or who have a history of, cancer. Cancer

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Finding my Mojo

When we were first put into lockdown, everything I was working on; normal stuff that would take the school and my online massage coaching program

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How To Set Goals

Goal setting is something we are taught in our massage courses for a couple of reasons. Firstly in order to establish goals for our clients,

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The London Marathon

Although the winter days are still short, and the weather unusually cold and white, runners are out there trying to prepare for the London Marathon.

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A Guide to Post Event Work

Excerpts from Sports Massage, a hands-on guide for therapists… by Susan Findlay Event work can be rewarding, challenging, and have an air of excitement. It

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