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Maybe you are one of those therapists that find the job too physical, you’re in pain, your discomfort sees no bounds, you feel broken!

Maybe clients want you to work deeper, they ask you to put some strength into your strokes, but it is costing you, it is wearing you out despite all your efforts.

Or maybe you just want snippets of ideas to freshen up your session… short & sweet, yet effective

My Massage Mondays could be what you’re looking for. It is FREE! 

You get one short video every week for 52 weeks, and I promise I will not bombard you with emails, and you can opt out at any time. 

If you’ve already had a taster of my weekly Massage Mondays videos, and find yourself wanting more, you can buy access to the entire catalogue for £99!

This includes the regular 52 videos that I release over the year, as well about 40 extra ones that are not available to the public. Thats a total of 90+ videos, that you have instant access to for 1 year. 

My Massage Mondays Library includes how to treat various pathologies such  as ankle sprains, rheumatoid arthritis, achilles tendinitis and of course more. There are tips about techniques, how to work with ease yet still get that perfect depth that clients require, but more importantly, it’s about working smartly and  protecting yourself from injury. 


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