Transverse Soft Tissue Release

An Advanced Massage Technique that clients will love and produces results!


Why transverse? Here is the short version of the story.

My version of Soft Tissue Release (STR) was conceived about 15 years ago when I started playing around with the angles, direction and methods of applying STR. 

As a tool I love STR but I find the application difficult at times, especially when I stick to the rules. However, like most therapists, I like to experiment, and this was one of those situations which forced me to think outside of the box. 


 The question was “how could I achieve the same if not better results but remove the difficulties?”

To make a short story longer...

It turned out that Transverse STR did exactly that, and proved to have a greater and more positive effect on the tissue.

This method takes into account the structural limitations of many clients. It makes efficient use of multi-pennate muscles and removes the difficulty of working in shallow areas of soft tissue. As well as this, working in the abdominal region is no longer an issue. 

My favourite part was discovering methods of working along the length of the spine. Normally this is an awkward area to create movement, but with this approach you can release tension, adhesions and create space in the most restricted areas. 

The technique is based on the 'less is more principle' which provides greater control, sensitivity and client enjoyment.


Despite knowing how effective this was, I could never explain how it worked physiologically, I just didn’t know. But, over the years I witnessed positive results, then along came fascia and the research groups and they opened up the door to a whole new understanding, something you will learn about on the course. 

I do continue to use the classical form of STR wherein you apply your lock at a 45 degree angle towards the origin of the muscle and then move the limb passively or actively. There are benefits with this method but also significant limitations, so like most therapists, I continued to play around with it, developing my own style.

 So if you want a technique that will effectively get the job done with ease, one that can easily be integrated into how you already work, this will do it.

I suspect you just might leave with the same passion for it as I have.

Check out this short extract from my online course below, to give you an idea about what you can achieve with Transverse STR!

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What are the benefits of TSTR?

Who is this course for?

Please note: this is an advanced massage course, the prerequisite is you must have a relevant hands-on therapy qualification or massage experience and are aged 18+.


Course Breakdown

This course is broken down into an online portion, and a one day practical workshop. You can choose to do just the online, or both the online and practical (course date options below). 

Online Course only - £99

This teaches you the reasoning behind the technical application as well as providing you with over 70 videos that demonstrate the practical application and inspire your creativity, to which you can return to time and time again.

The course takes approximately 4 – 5 hours to complete, and should be taken before you attend the practical day. 

*You can choose to just do the online portion of the course, and purchase the practical at a later date (but will be at full price).


Practical Course (online is included for free!) - £185

The practical workshop will develop your hands-on skills and increase your creativity to become a solution based therapist.

Completing the online course delivers a great foundation in the technique, however the practical workshop is where you can begin to ‘stretch’ this knowledge into your manual therapy work. 


Time: 10am – 5pm.

Full address: NLSSM, The Hub,
Unit 3i & 3J
25 Ashley Road
N17 9LJ

Time: 10am – 5pm.

Full address: NLSSM, The Hub,
Unit 3i & 3J
25 Ashley Road
N17 9LJ

Time: 10am – 5pm.

Full address: NLSSM, The Hub,
Unit 3i & 3J
25 Ashley Road
N17 9LJ

The pre-requirement is that you have an existing qualification in massage therapy and are aged 18+

If you are unsure if this is a suitable workshop for you then please get in touch with me at

Paying by Paypal?
You can split the cost over 3 months, with their Pay in 3 option (Paypal T&Cs apply). Just choose PayPal at checkout. 

Want to learn more about this technique?

Check out my blog all about the birth of TSTR!


All my courses are further development for therapists who have an existing hands-on qualification. If you are unsure about meeting the requirements, please contact me at

You should have also received an email confirming your purchase, please check your junk/spam section of your emails before contacting Otherwise sign in using the details you registered with.

Yes! All my face-to-face courses have a strong element of practical work. 

I provide everything you need for your training, including massage couch, towels, lotions etc. 

You will need to bring your own lunch with you, or you can visit one of the nearby shops/cafes. Bring a tablet/computer or a printed version of the course material, whichever is your preferred method to support your learning. 

Please wear comfortable and easy to move in clothing.  You will be massaging fellow therapists throughout the course.  Most therapists choose activewear/sportswear.

I use a number of different massage creams, lotions, oils and waxes, including the following:

If you are allergic to any products please bring your own massage medium.  

In order for your course to be recognised as completed, you must ensure you have clicked ‘Complete and Continue’ at the end of each module. Once you have done this, including filling in the survey, you will be directed to your certificate. 

You can also find your certificate by clicking on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page > My Account > Certificates. 

I am happy to support students with any specific learning requirements such as visually impaired, & dyslexia, please check with me prior to signing up if your condition is not listed. 0208 885 6062 

I have developed a robust set of procedures to minimise any risk, to find out more please read my policy. 

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