Treating the

Being able to access the shoulder in its entirety can be a challenge.

One of the areas I always had difficulty working with was the anterior portion of the scapula without causing a lot of discomfort to my client. 

Now when I work I get comments like these; ‘wow that is deep but it feels so good’, or ‘No one has ever been able to get to that spot before, it feels amazing’.  


I want my clients to look forward to coming to me, instead of it feeling like it is an exercise in bravery.

The more relaxed my clients are the better results I have seen, gone are the days that pain is a measurement of success.

I want good, successful ones, and this course is about showing you how you can achieve this without brute force or any extra effort from you.

I believe our advanced skills should be seamlessly integrated into our massage rather than being the main event.

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