Transverse STR Massage Workshop




Online Lecture & Practical Workshop Online power point lecture
Comprehensive handout
1 day practical workshop
Creative and effective
Targeted soft tissue technique
Certificate of attendance
Course Dates 9th April, North London
6th May, Central London
19th August, Central London
Cost £185 (inc. VAT £37)
Locations North London - The Annexe
Central London - University of Westminster

There are many forms of Soft Tissue Release and you might have heard of one form or another so it begs the question what is different about Transverse STR?. It was born out of a need to make STR a more user friendly approach to some challenging conditions such as being able to work in an area that has no structural support or where this is too much movement to control its effectiveness, are but a couple. Besides having the advantages of being able to control and minimise movement, this technique allows you to target fascia, muscle, tendons, ligaments in a subtle but strong manner, a manner that all tissue responds to very well.

The purpose of this workshop is to enable you to work with all tissue types, find ways to apply effective techniques with the least amount of effort. The most challenging made simple.

There are a limited number of spaces in order to maximise the learning experience. If you have any specific areas or questions that you would like covered please email susan@nlssm.com

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Transverse STR Massage Workshop

Sports Massage
by Susan Findlay




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