What Oncology Massage Is and What It Isn't

In this ‘What Oncology Massage Is and What It Isn’t” webinar l am discussing:

  • The importance of understanding the complexities of cancer when working with an oncology client.
  • The misconception that oncology massage is a matter of applying a lighter stroke or working elsewhere on the body. In this webinar I will be able to demonstrate what it is and what it isn’t!
  • Understanding your client’s goal for the session and being able to address and provide the hands-on therapy that will meet their needs while working under the conditions of their treatment and the disease itself.   

I have also included the original Q&A session from the webinar, which may prove useful. If you have any further questions about what I discuss, please do email me at info@susanfindlay.co.uk

Watch a short preview below!

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I run a certified and accredited 3 day practical + online course in Oncology Massage. 

Cancer is no longer a contraindication and my course will teach you how treat safely and effectively whilst still meeting the needs of your clients.

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