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Monday 19th October 2020

Are you a Bendy Wendy? What does that actually mean you ask?

It is about how flexible you are and if you're one of the many hypermobile therapists this is an important video for you? It could mean the difference between having an injury-free career or a shortened one because of poor mechanics. If your joint flexibility is excessive you need to learn how to work differently in order to be both effective and protect your fingers and thumbs.

This condition frequently goes unrecognized, yet it is quite common. Usually, being flexible is seen as a norm rather than a problem but, if you fit the bill you might be suffering from other symptoms that include pain and tiredness.

Although this video focuses on hypermobile joints, it is applicable to anyone who wants to have a better touch. It will give you the edge on sensitivity and show you how you can be deeper without being pokey.

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Simply said, more inspirational videos, clear tips on how to be creative, work smartly, grow your business and be able to do the job you love for as long as you love it.

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