Oncology: An Integrative Approach for Manual Therapists

Did you miss my webinar on Fascia and Oncology Massage at The Fascia Hub 2021 webinar? Watch it here! 

In this presentation I will give you a brief understanding of the science behind cancer and fascia.  Often, we hear how massage can spread cancer, but we also hear of the research into the many benefits massage can offer, so where does this leave us?

I discuss the good, the bad and the controversial, all of which can help us make important decisions about delivering an Oncology Massage. I look at the cellular impact of cancer, the emotional connection, and how our touch can have a global effect even if we’re working exclusively on the feet.

In this webinar I will clearly demonstrate the importance of the therapists’ hands on skills and the role it can play in our clients’ journey. With the right understanding we can have a positive impact.

I have also included the original Q&A session from the webinar, which may prove useful. If you have any further questions about what I discuss, please do email me at info@susanfindlay.co.uk. 

Check out the short preview below!

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