Diabetes Debbie

Finding Debbie

When it came to the question of my diabetes, the method I used to find my answer was very similar to my clinical approach when working with my clients and getting them back to their optimal soft tissue health.

Our bodies are complex and you cannot expect to achieve optimal health by any one method. In my clinical approach, the question I ask is what else can I do to support my clients recovery and help them to achieve their goals?

With my diabetes I kept looking, I invested my time and a considerable amount of money into many different modalities, some worked partially, a few failed abysmally. The turning point for me came when it was suggested that I go and see a Functional Medicine Practitioner named Debbie Lewis. At this point I was at the very end of my tether, my capacity to move forward was at an all time low.

I had no more energy or trust in anything or anyone’s ability to point me towards a solution, so when I walked in to meet Debbie for the first time I was very, very skeptical because by now I had seen so many people, meticulously following their recommendations only to see little or no resulting progress. My faith was understandably at an all time low and I remember saying to my partner on the drive to my first appointment that if this does not work I am going to stop chasing the rainbow and resign myself to my inevitable medical destiny. I was tired and I just couldn’t face another failure because it takes energy to fail and then to get back up and move forward. I was becoming wiser but I wasn’t getting the right answers, I wasn’t achieving the long term results I needed.

So there I was, sitting in Debbie’s office. My first thoughts were that I liked her. She is straight forward, she knew what questions to ask, how to listen, she valued my opinion and she respectfully acknowledged my journey. She didn’t give me false hope yet she still instilled a confidence in me, she seemed to think that there was a good possibility that I could achieve my goal. We had a plan, and it was a reasonable one too. I didn’t walk out thinking, ‘Eureka! This is it! I have found my answer!’ No, it was more like, ok, I am willing to do these tests, look at things in more detail and see what shows up.

I have always taken responsibility for my own health, trying understand how my body functions. Unlike my parents, I did not leave the decisions concerning my health in the hands of another person, the Doctor dictator. Delegating responsibility for our bodies to experts and expecting them to fix us should be a relic of times past, we have to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

Taking responsibility for our own health means that we also have to take responsibility for our ill health. To me, this is axiomatic. Although many of my health problems resulted from misinformation, I still have to own it. I am unquestionably the author of my own destruction. It is up to me to discover the correct information and stick to it. One of the biggest lies I told myself was concerning my decades of long, deeply loving relationship with sugar, I secretly knew that sugar in its many forms was my number one enemy, but the advice, I was being given was telling me a different story. To eat brown bread, gluten free, try sugar substitutes, honey, maple syrup, more fruit, less fruit, only berries. All of which contain sugar. It was endless, but ultimately, if what you have been doing is not working for you, you need to try something different. In retrospect, it’s obvious.

NOT ALL DIETS SUIT EVERYONE!!!! So when I start talking about the diet I am on it will be my diet that I am referring to, not necessarily the exact one for you. You might need to make adjustments, but these adjustments are ones that you will need to implement, so I encourage you to find out what works for you.

I believe there is a solution, or at least something that you can do to improve your situation. If the answers you are getting are not making a difference keep looking, it might be a combination of things. So for instance, if you have gotten improvement by doing one thing but find you are stalling, don’t toss it all out condemning it all as completely useless. Continue to do your research, look and test what else can help and support you. You might keep bits that you know work and build on that to get all the pieces of the puzzle.

It is the same approach I have when I am working with a client who has a complex condition. My treatment might be a piece in the puzzle that helps to solve and improve the outcome but I very much believe, that like our bodies, we do not operate on just one level, we need to approach our health using a number of methods, food, exercise, joy, laughter, human touch, love and support. I know they all play a role in our overall wellbeing. Just no cake.

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