Seated Chair Massage Workshop




Included in the day Targeted soft tissue techniques
Comprehensive handout
Certificate of attendance
Course Dates Submit your dates: these are private tutorials catering to your needs
Cost £80 per hour (inc. VAT of £16)
with a minimum of 2 hours
Location North London - The Annexe

On-site seated chair massage is more than offering your services in an office setting or at events, it can be an effective tool in the treatment of most soft tissue conditions. I have had clients who have been incapable of getting themselves onto my couch due to back discomfort but could easily manage sitting on an on-site massage chair. I was still able to offer all the techniques I normally use, applying them through clothing.

If you work with clients who are wheel chair users, this can be easily adapted to meet their needs. As well as being an effective method in treatment and it equally effective as a marketing tool, getting your touch out their, it is your best form of advertisement. So depending on what your needs are, how you want to use it and private tutorial can be arranged to meet your needs.

These workshops are generally offered as private tutorials but can take up to 4 students. They are tailored to meet your needs using your existing techniques and transferring them onto the chair. Any special requests please email info@susanfindlay.co.uk

On-site Seated Chair Massage Workshop

On-site Seated Chair Massage

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