Oncology Massage

Payment Options

  • The Online Course teaches you all the technical information in video format with supporting documents about the biology of cancer, the effects of the disease and treatments, modifications and benefits of soft tissue massage, some preliminary home care advice and rehabilitation suggestions plus bonus videos and lectures. Others benefits include quizzes to support your learning, a comprehensive resource section, additional documents i.e. samples of intake forms. You have unlimited access so you can choose to view all the material at your convenience and as many times as you wish.
  • Day 1 Practical Oncology Massage
    A quick review of the online portion of the course, this will give you the opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything that has you puzzled. The day will cover real life case studies on a variety of conditions, i.e. breast, bowel, leukaemia, colon and prostate cancer. We will look at the emotional impact this disease can have on your client and how this can influence your treatment. The practical portion of the day will provide you with a comprehensive understanding about how to modify your existing techniques, which ones to keep and which ones aren't suitable. You will quickly realise that these principles and techniques can be used in your everyday practice and will be very well received.
  • Day 2 Practical Oncology Massage
    Hands on skills is the main focus of this day along with the introduction of home care and rehabilitation suggestions. We'll talk about the "six best Drs" of home care, the best forms of stretching, movement, and complementary therapies. You will have an opportunity to experience advanced soft tissue skills along with an introduction to scar work. This day will prepare you to plan a comprehensive massage treatment for your client at all stages of health. We will further develop our understanding about cancer looking at testicular, kidney, lung, esophgeal, brain cancers.
  • Day 3 Practical Oncology Massage
    Brings it all together! Using everything you've learnt and putting it into a treatment plan which includes home care suggestions and rehabilitation principles you will deliver a massage treatment in a real clinical setting. At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to discuss the client sessions in full, reviewing what worked well and what you might have done differently. Completing all three days and doing the online quizzes and the in-house worksheets will qualify you as a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist!
  • Assessment for Certification is included in the Day 3 afternoon clinic.

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