Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage Workshop




Online Lecture & Practical Workshop Online power point lectures
Comprehensive handout
1 day practical workshop
Targeted soft tissue techniques
Solutions for a range of pathologies
Certificate of attendance
Course Dates 23rd September, Westminster
Cost £185 (inc. VAT of £37)
Location North London - The Annexe
Central London - University of Westminster

Start with the online pre-course lecture, this can be done at your convenience in preparation for your practical workshop day. This portion of the course will briefly review the anatomy of the neck and jaw, subjective and objective assessment, and an overview of some of the more common tests. The technical knowledge for various pathologies include; whiplash, headaches, torticollis and TMJ, along with suggestions for home care.

The practical workshop will develop what you have learned online including tests. Using case studies for each of the pathologies discussed online, you will be shown effective soft tissue techniques that are both creative and suitable for each condition. The workshop will look at developing your existing hands on skills and give you new and creative approaches along with introducing newer techniques.

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Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage Workshop

Sports Massage
by Susan Findlay




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